Wedding DJs: Do’s & Don’ts

I offer a helpful checklist for music arrangement on your big day


Perhaps the most memorable day in anyone’s life, a seamless stream of musical accompaniment is crucial to the perfect wedding. With many couples unsurprisingly turning to DJs to take up this crucible, I offer a checklist to make that all-important decision, easier:

Do, ensure that your turntablist can provide a reception music-guide. This will give staff and the DJ a reminder of which song should be played at which moment. The last thing a reception needs is for the cocktail hour track to drop during the father and daughter’s slow-dance.

Don’t, forget that a typical wedding will host everyone from great-grandmothers to energetic toddlers. The DJ must be able to cater for all age groups and tastes.

Do, hand a list of special requests to your DJ in advance. This could be done over the Facebook event and is an easy way to get guests excited to attend the big day.

Whilst song request lists are a good idea, don’t let the DJ open the floor to playlist suggestions. The last thing a wedding needs is a ‘no-go’ track to spin and derail the night.

Do, speak with the DJ beforehand about equipment. This way you will be able to gauge their calibre, professionalism and personality. After all, if you don’t gel with the entertainer for the night, the prognosis for the wedding will not be attractive.

Lastly, don’t feel obliged to use the venue’s ‘in-house’ disco. Yes, some places provide a disc jockey as part of their package, but this is not necessarily the cheapest or the most suitable choice for every wedding. Shop around.

For some popular mobile DJs, see DJ Luck & MC Neat and Steve Smart.


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